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Representation in courts in Russian Federation

The legislation of the Russian Federation provides a wide and efficient list of kinds of protection of the trademark right holders, including protection in courts. The protection of infringed rights in courts is the most efficient, since the judicial authorities are independent, and a court decision is mandatory for execution for any persons.

Litigations concerning trademarks occur mainly for the following reasons:

- infringement of rights,

- a refusal of the registering authority to register,

- registration of a sign confusingly similar to an already existing one,

- disputes associated with execution of contracts on alienation of exclusive right and with license contracts.

The Russian legislation protects property interests of trademark right holders.

The law-makers have established that right holders are entitled, at their own choice, to demand that an infringer should pay a compensation instead of remuneration of losses:

1) in an amount from ten thousand to five million rubles, such amount being determined by a court on the basis of infringement nature;

2) in an amount equal to the double cost of goods illegally bearing the infringed trademark, or in an amount equal to the double cost of the right to use the infringed trademark, the cost being determined on the basis of the price that is usually charged, under comparable circumstances, for legal use of the trademark.

We are pleased to offer our best experiences and knowledge in the field of industrial property protection to our clients and guarantee achievement of a desirable result.

The way we act
  • WE SHALL REPRESENT YOUR INTERESTS IN THE COURT A staff member of our Bureau will represent your interests in the court, and you will be saved from the necessity of spending efforts, time and nerves associated with presence at the court proceedings.
  • WE SHALL ACCEPT YOUR ORDER Orders in a form convenient to you from any region of the Russian Federation, the near abroad or the far abroad may be accepted.
  • WE SHALL ASSESS YOUR CASE A set of measures aimed at case assessment will be conducted for the purpose of determining the strategy in the court.
Преимущества работы с нами
  • Fairness
    We shall provide an objective case assessment on the basis of the law and judicial practices.
  • Follow-up of the case to the end!
    We are engaged into cases of our clients from filing a claim to obtaining a result by participating in court proceedings at all instances and in enforcement order action.
  • We shall provide a full set of services
    If it is necessary to conduct a number of examinations on a case, we shall engage our reliable partners for getting expert services.
  • Legality
    In our work we use only legal methods.