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Regitatration trademark in CIS

If you sell your products not only in Russia, but also in neighboring Republics (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.), then, for the purpose of developing your business successfully it would be reasonable to ensure the legal protection of your trademark in the whole territory of sales.
However, the right-establishing certificate, as obtained in the Russian Federation, is valid only in its territory.
there are two ways for resolving this problem:

  • registration of your trademark with the national office of each target country;
  • registration of your trademark through the international system via the World Intellectual Property Organization (within the framework of the Madrid Agreement).

Each of the above methods has a number of advantages and drawbacks that may be explained to you in detail by our specialists.
Registration according to the Madrid Agreement

It is reasonable if you seek legal protection of your trademark in a number of countries. In this case an application should be filed with the WIPO International Bureau. This procedure makes further use of a trademark rather simple, since only one request should be filed if any amendments are to be introduced into the document certifying the protection or it should be renewed.
Registration in the national office of every CIS country

It is reasonable if you seek legal protection in one or two neighboring countries. In this case a separate application should be filed in each country through a patent attorney having the national certificate; the fees should be also paid separately, in the currency of each country.