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Registration trademark

The State registration of trademark or service mark in Russian Federation is necessary for protection of rights holder’s interests, services and goods in country’s jurisdiction.

Professional services on registration of trademark from Patent Bureau “Galifanov, Malkov and Partners” includes: provision of legal and informational support on the territory of Russian Federation.

The individual optimal scheme and strategy for receipt of exclusive rights on trademark with consideration of commercial products’ specification is developed for every client.


The time- frame of trademark registration process is directly depends on complicity of the case and busyness of Rospatent (FIIP). Following stages are presented in trademark registration process:

  1. Priority establishment:

As a rule, the priority got defined based on the trademark application date, however by the Law besides of traditional priority, the exhibition and conventional priorities are presented.

  1. Formal Expertise

During the formal expertise the congeniality of filed documents to established by Rospatent rules got defined. (time duration 1 month)

  1. Substantive Expertise

During this stage, the expert performs the search by trying to find in database identical or similar trademark (filed or registered) to proposed designation. (time duration 14 months).

  1. Decision about registration/ refusal

If refusal decision was granted to trademark application by experts, an applicant has 6 months to file motivated opposition to the decision of Rospatent.

After positive decision about trademark registration was granted to applicant, the Certificate of Registration will be provided shortly thereafter, and the details of registration will be entered to the State Register.

   Our experts will help you to solve such issues as:

  • The correctness of trademark application’s filling

  • Defining the appropriateness of proposed trademark to established legislation

  • Legal support

In order to receive basic informational consultation pls. Contact us via e-mail, via our website or using our phone hot line  +7 (495) 151-82-82.

The way we act
  • WE TAKE YOUR ORDER ON REGISTRATION. We work all over the world, with any country you like to register your trademark.
  • PROVIDE OUR ESTIMATES ON REGISTRATABILITY/ PROTECTABILITY OF PROPOSED TRADEMARK. We held the internal expertise on identity and similarity of proposed trademark to already registered trademarks, and its compliance to criteria established by legislation.
  • REGISTRATION OF TRADEMARK. We prepare and file trademark application to ROSPATENT. Provide full control over the case. The result of our collaboration is receipt of COR for your trademark.