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Registration of a well-known trademark

Our Bureau provides services on recognizing a trademark as a well-known one, including consulting services, preparation of documents required and performing the procedure on recognizing a trademark as a well-known one.

This procedure is necessary for obtaining the legal protection in accordance with the legislation.

The registration of a well-known trademark has an indefinite duration. For comparison, the term of a certificate for a conventional trademark is 10 years, and every 10 years it should be prolonged for a new term subject to payment the fee for prolonging the certificate term, and, what is most important, one should not forget about it. 

Who may have a trademark registered as a well-known?

ROSPATENT may recognize a sign as a well-known one. The procedure for establishing the "well-known trademark" status is somewhat different from the procedure of registering a standard sign.

The registration procedure may be subdivided into several steps:

1. Filing of an application in the company's name with ROSPATENT.

2. The applicant should submit documents in support of the fact that the trademark has become widely known and may be recognized as well-known. A package of such documents should be filed together with a request.

3. Collective examination of the application by the Board.

4. Payment of the required fees by the applicant. The fee for recognition is RUR 40,500.

5. Taking of an action on recognition or refusal.

6. Obtaining a certificate proving the recognition of the trademark as well-known one.

Important: Payment of the statutory fee and submission of documents in support do not guarantee that the ROSPATENT Board will issue an action in favor of the applicant. There are lots of "legal snags" preventing a trademark from being recognized as a well-known one, such as: insufficient documents in support, failure to comply with the procedure of preparing required documents, etc. Do not run risks – trust experts only!

Patent Bureau "Galifanov, Malkov & Partners" provide a full range of services on recognition of a trademark as well-known one. We specialize in scientific research activities associated with the legal protection of intellectual property for more than 10 years.

The way we act
  • WE SHALL ACCEPT YOUR ORDER FOR RECOGNITION OF A TRADEMARK AS A WELL-KNOWN ONE Orders may be accepted in any form convenient for you from any regions of Russia, the near abroad and the far abroad.
  • PREPARATION OF A SUBSTANTIATION REPORT. We shall prepare a package of documents in support of the well-known nature of the trademark.
  • WE SHALL OBTAIN RECOGNITION OF A WELL-KNOWN TRADEMARK. WE SHALL FILE A REQUEST AND DOCUMENTS IN SUPPORT WITH ROSPATENT. We shall participate in the proceedings of the Board on Patent Disputes and shall prove the possibility of recognizing the trademark as a well-known one.