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Entering into the customs registry

Counterfeiting products cause losses of billions of dollars for world businessmen.

This problem may be actual for practically any businessman involved in goods production or export\import.

If you are not going to incur losses due to counterfeiting goods that may appear in the country, you need have your trademark entered into the Customs Register of Intellectual Property.

This procedure enables to identify and bar import or export of counterfeiting goods while they cross the border of the Russian Federation.

The RF Federal Customs Service effects entering of intellectual property into the Customs Register of Intellectual Property and ensures protection of interests of right holders.

In order to have his/her trademark entered into the Register, the right holder should file a corresponding request with the Customs Service. A trademark is entered into the Register for the 2-year term, subject to possibility of extending this term, each time for 2 years. The time period during which the Customs Authority will consider documents submitted is 2-3 months.

Specialists of our Bureau will prepare all the required documents and cause entering of your trademark into the Register of Intellectual Property.

The way we act
  • ENTERING INTO THE CUSTOMS REGISTER We shall submit a set of documents to the Customs Authority for entering your trademark into the Customs Register.
  • PREPARATION OF DOCUMENTS We shall prepare the documents required for entering a trademark into the Customs Register.
  • WE SHALL ACCEPT YOUR ORDER ON ENTERING A TRADEMARK INTO THE CUSTOMS REGISTER Orders in a form convenient for you are accepted from any region of Russia, the near abroad or the far abroad.