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Cancel a trademark owned by competitors

The Russian legislation provides for the possibility of cancelling a trademark, provided the right holder has not used it for three or more years.  This legal procedure means the filing of a request for cancelling a trademark with the Intellectual Property Court.
A trademark owner trying to protect his/her trademark against clones regularly conduct monitoring of the State Register of Trademarks for the purpose of identifying similar trademarks and applications for registration.

 This procedure is carried out for the purpose of preventing a product bearing a similar logo capable of confusing consumers and depriving the legal owner of a part of buyers from appearing in the market. Upon identification of a similar trademark, the right holder is entitled to apply to the Federal Service for Intellectual Property with a request for cancellation of the respective registration.

This possibility is provided for in Article 1512 of the RF Civil Code and may be realized by filing an opposition against granting protection of the respective trademark with Rospatent.

The filing of an opposition pre-supposes that the requester knows every nuance of the trademark registration procedure and the examination procedure. An unqualified person hardly can cope with this task. Taking into account a time period required for preparations and conduction of this procedure, it is obvious that it would be preferable to put this burden on professionals.


Specialists of the Patent Bureau "Galifanov, Malkov & Partners" can identify trademarks similar to your trademark and conduct the procedure of their cancellation.