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Accelerated registration of a trademark

Until recently, the issue relating to time periods for a trademark registration was not regulated by the legislation. Therefore, patent attorneys and future right holders had to orient themselves to practices established in cooperation with Rospatent.
Since 2015 the issue of time periods is legally regulated by an official order of the RF Ministry for Economic Development.
Thus, the general time period of the trademark registration is now 18.5 months (18 months and 2 weeks), provided the applicant has duly fulfilled all the requirements and conditions applicable to the filing of an application, i.e.:

  • has paid all the state fees;
  • the application documents are all completed correctly;
  • Rospatent, while carrying out examination as to substance, has not revealed any grounds for refusal to register a trademark.

Otherwise, the total time period of consideration and registration of an application may be increased by 1-6 months.

grounds for accelerated registration

However, any applicant is interested in shortening the standard time periods applicable to the trademark registration. Many patent attorneys provide incorrect or outdated information on this issue.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the possibility of accelerated registration does not exist from the legal point of view, and no one lawyer, even highly skilled, may not guarantee that this procedure may be conducted within a shortened time period, such promises of other companies simply mislead their clients. The time of consideration of one or another application depends on Rospatent only.
However, the procedure of trademark registration has some peculiarities enabling to shorten the time period of obtaining a certificate significantly.

Skilled attorneys of our Patent Bureau can help you have your trademark registered within a maximum short time period.