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Examination of a trademark

The examination is carried out for the purpose of identifying identical or confusingly similar trademarks that are already registered as well as applications filed for registration.

If a trademark application is filed without examination, it is quite possible to get a refusal to register due to existence of an identical or confusingly similar trademark.


  • assessment of a chance to have your sign registered (with due regard to presence/absence of trademarks registered or filed for registration; compliance with the statutory requirements to trademarks);
  • examination enables to know what corrections are necessary;
  • economy of your time and money (by timely examining your sign we shall identify possible problems before filing an application, thus increasing the probability of positive result).


A full search is carried out in the following databases of the Russian Federation:

  • database of registered trademarks;
  • database of applications filed for registration;
  • database of international trademarks valid in the Russian Federation. 

in a case of refusal your will lose all the state fees paid and time for which your application has been examined in ROSPATENT.

Our services

1. Search for identical or confusingly similar trademarks.

2. Complex analysis of your application (by a search date, compliance with statutory norms applicable, etc.).

3. Assessment of your sign protectability.

4. After examination we shall provide you with recommendations on changes, if necessary, to be introduced into you sign for the purpose of its successful registration.

5. According to results of trademark registration we shall prepare a written opinion on the possibility of having your sign registered.

The way we act
  • WE SHALL ACCEPT YOUR ORDER FOR EXAMINING A TRADEMARK Orders from any region of the Russian Federation or from any foreign country (we work with all countries) may be accepted.
  • TRADEMARK CLASSIFICATION We shall classify your trademark, determine ICGS Classes to be checked in accordance with a list of goods and services, as provided by you, for future registration.
  • SEARCH FOR IDENTITY AND SIMILARITY We shall conduct a search for identity and similarity in the RF database of registered trademarks, the database of international trademarks enjoying legal protection in the territory of the Russian Federation, the database of trademark applications filed for registration. Also, your sign will be checked for compliance with the existing statutory requirements. According to results, a search report will be prepared for the client.