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Protection of the graphic interface of a computer program

What "user interface" is?

In simple terms the notion of graphic interface may be explained as visual presentation of a website or a program which main elements (buttons, icons, menus, etc.) are provided as images and made in a certain style and manner.

A graphic interface may be recognizable by a user, its development is oriented principally to convenient use of a website or a program, it comprises elements of intellectual work and, therefore, requires legal protection as an intellectual property object.

Legal protection of a graphic interface

The legal protection of a website interface is rather complex in that it, as a rule, comprises several intellectual property objects that need to be legally protected.

  • First, it is a design of the website pages. If a website design is developed by you personally, it is recommended that it should be patented as an industrial design according to the established procedure. A patent may be obtained for the font used for inscriptions and the graphic appearance of the web page elements, combinations of colors, manner of element layout.
  • Second, it is the company logo. If the company logo or any advertising slogan is used in the graphic representation of an interface, it is recommended that it should be covered by the legal protection through the state registration as a trademark.
  • Third, it is the interface software. If you have developed a program that enables the website to work quickly and efficiently, supports feedback from users, etc., it is recommended that it should be also registered with Rospatent.

Legal support offered by our patent bureau

Specialists of our Bureau are ready to consult you on issues of the legal protection of a graphic interface against encroachments of unfair competitors and to provide full follow-up during obtaining the state registration of the interface elements as intellectual