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registration of copyright

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, copyright regulates a totality of legal norms applicable to works of arts, science and literature. It regulates civil law relations in respect of use such a work and arises from the time of its creation.

Copyrightable subject matter:

  • dramatic works, screen adaptations, and literary works;
  • works of painting, works of decorative and applied arts and architecture;
  • musical and audiovisual works;
  • works of choreography and pantomime;
  • photographic and topographic works.

Non-copyrightable subject matter:

  • materials of legislative nature (acts, court decisions, etc.);
  • State symbols and signs;
  • folklore works having no particular author;
  • information of news nature (information on current events, transport time-schedules, etc.).

Our Bureau offer you complex legal support in the field of the State registration of copyright.

Services provided

Patent Bureau "Galifanov, Malkov & Partners" works with copyright to a variety of intellectual activity results. The most popular services are:

  • Registration of copyright to computer programs

Registration is effected in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and provides full protection of computer software. The procedure includes preparation of a set of documents, filing of an application, and the registration itself (time period – 2 months).

  • Protection of copyright in courts

If copyright is infringed, the author or the right holder is entitled, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, to demand, at his/her choice, that compensation should be paid instead of reimbursement of damages:

1) in an amount from ten thousand rubles to five million rubles;

2) in an amount equal to twofold cost of counterfeiting copies of the work;

3) in an amount equal to twofold cost of the right to use the work, said amount being determined proceeding from a price that, under comparable circumstances, is charged for legal use of the work by a method used by the infringer.
According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, criminal liability may be also arise for infringement of copyright (up to 6 years of imprisonment)

Our main advantages

- We provide high-skill legal assistance in all fields relating to patenting or copyright registration.

- Staff members of Galifanov, Malkov & Partners are skilled experts with work records of more than 10 years in these fields.

- We shall fully relieve you from bureaucratic delays and save your time that you may spend for implementing new creative ideas!