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Feedbacks about "Galifanov, Malkov & partners" LLC

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Orphey LLC

We would like to express our greatest thanks to your Bureau for kind assistance in extending the term of our trademark! The company we referred to earlier only frightened us with loss of exclusive rights and required payments. Galifanov, Malkov & Partners have tackled the matter carefully at all stages – assisted in executing a request, preparing documents, filing an application. A week ago we received a supplement to the certificate and notification about its entering into the State Register. Thank you for professional competence!

CEO, Ekaterina Ivanovna


MDMprint LLC

"Great thanks to lawyers of Galifanov, Malkov & Partners LLC for their assistance in having a word trademark registered. We were most pleased with being kept informed – from the procedure of protectability assessment and to maintaining correspondence with Rospatent. It is nice when attention is paid at all steps of the procedure." 

Andrey Chebotarev


Pharma LLC

We would like to express our thanks to Patent Bureau "Galifanov, Malkov & Partners" for legal assistance in having our trademark registered in the USA. Openly speaking, we were somewhat anxious that the process would be too long.  Competent experts of the Bureau have proved their professional qualities – they have the trademark registered for less than one year. Moreover, we have been consulted (free!) on issues of authorship in the USA. When the need to extend the term of our trademark arises, we will surely refer the matter to you.

CEO, E.Voloshin



I am satisfied with work of the Bureau. Amiable and friendly staff members who do not build castles in the air, but keep you informed on real state of things. Owing to competent officials of Galifanov, Malkov & Partners, I obtained a utility model patent, saving time and money in addition.

D.G. Pavlyuk, CEO



Thanks to the well-organized expert team of Galifanov, Malkov & Partners! They have managed to select the optimal type of contract for our industrial design, have it registered with Rospatent, consult on issues of exclusive licenses. We have found ourselves pleased; individual thanks to Tatiana Davzhenova for her patience and responsiveness. What's more, you have the very informative site.

CEO Gennady Ermolov


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