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Prohibition of illegal use

Regretfully, the grant of a patent for innovation does form a panacea against illegal actions of unfair competitors. If you are the owner of a valid patent and your exclusive rights are infringed, we recommend that you should immediately apply to experienced specialists in the field of patent law.

Methods of protecting infringed patent rights

  • Pretrial settlement

At this stage one should prepare and send to the infringer an official letter stating his/her claims and the requirement to stop manufacturing the product protected by the patent and pay a compensation for losses voluntarily. It would be better of your requirement is supported by evidence that this product is actually manufactured by means of illegal use of the patented method and freely circulates in the market, such evidence being, e.g., an opinion of an independent examiner.

  • Litigation

In a case where an amicable settlement between the parties is not possible, the patent holder has to apply to a court with a statement of claim. The affected party may demand that illegal use of his/her patent should be prohibited, goods already manufactured should be destroyed, and losses or harm caused by the infringement of the patent should be compensated.

The protection of interests and rights of a patent holder forms one of the activity areas of our Patent Bureau. Skilled specialists are ready to offer a detailed consultation to you, prepare a claim or a statement of claim and other necessary documents, develop a legal position for a court and represent your interests during court proceedings.

Our employees have necessary knowledge and extensive experiences in this field.