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Patenting of a utility model

Registration of as utility model is the procedure of obtaining legal protection and exclusive right to a technical solution in a certain field, provided the solution exhibits world novelty.

The patent term is 10 years from the application filing date.

Patenting of a utility model is necessary for:

  • certifying your exclusive right and authorship;
  • legal protection against unauthorized copying;
  • deriving profits from third parties using it (grant of licenses).


The following may be registered as utility models:

  • solution complying with the requirement of novelty that are not follow from the state of the art (i.e., information is not published);
  • devices complying with morals and public interests;
  • industrially applicable solutions.

The following may not be registered:

  • aesthetical solutions (in respect of appearance of a product);
  • integrated microcircuit topologies;
  • methods, techniques and rules, objects contradicting to morals.

Galifanov, Malkov & Partners provide the full range of services on patenting of utility models. We specialize in all business fields. We can prepare a set of actions aimed at operative obtaining of a patent by you.

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Scientific literature teaches such notion as "small" invention – this is utility model serving for protection of a technical solution relating to a device. But, a patent for a utility model patent even has one advantage before a patent for an invention – the former is granted by Rospatent in 6-month period from the application date, as a rule. A utility model may enjoy legal protection, provided it is new and industrially applicable.

Benefits of patent ownership:

- certification of the right;
- the monopoly right to use for 10 years;
- the right to prohibit manufacturing of products covered by the patent;
- a patent may form a separate object of sale;
- the patent owner may grant licenses to use his/her patent for remuneration.


Our experts are ready to consult you on peculiarities of laws existing in the Russian Federation or CIS countries. Also, we shall prepare and file a set of documents required for registration and obtaining of a patent in Russia or abroad. 

The way we act:

  • 1

    WE SHALL ACCEPT YOUR ORDER FOR PATENTING OF A UTILITY MODEL An order in a form convenient to you from any region of the Russian Federation, the near abroad or the far abroad may be accepted.

  • 2

    WE SHALL EXECUTE AN APPLICATION We shall prepare the application documents and file the application with ROSPATENT.

  • 3

    WE CAUSE OBTAINING OF A PATENT FOR UTILITY MODEL A patent attorney will perform all operations necessary in respect of the application, and you will obtain a patent for your utility model.

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