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Patenting of inventions

Patenting of inventions is a process aimed at obtaining exclusive right to and legal protection of a technical solution.  This procedure fixes right to intellectual property ownership. In Russia, the patent for an invention is valid for 20 years.

A technical solution in any field, which relates to:

  • a method (of acting on a tangible object with material means);
  • a product;
  • a device or a substance;
  • a strain of a microorganism;
  • cell cultures of plants or animals;
  • use of a product or a method for a certain purpose

may be protected as an invention A technical solution is enjoyed legal protection, provided it is new, has an inventive step, and is industrially applicable. We specialize in all kinds of patenting. Our services are called-for by largest industrial enterprises and corporations. Experts from "Galifanov, Malkov & Partners" will be ready to answer any questions concerning obtaining a patent for invention as well as to execute all documents required. 


Such a patent may be granted to foreign citizens and RF citizens, foreign and Russian legal entities. The exclusive right to an invention belong to the patent right holder. Also, this right may be transferred to another person under an assignment contract.


1. Patent search

A search in respect of an invention is carried out in certain databases for the purposes of identifying available information sources indicating similar technical solutions, identifying a prototype and establishing whether the invention complies with the criterion of "novelty".

2. Execution of an application

An application comprises: a description, claims, an abstract and drawings.

3. Filing an application with Rospatent

A request should relate to a single invention or to a group of inventions. A request should be filed with Rospatent directly or be sent through the Post of Russia.

4. Examination: formalities examination and substantive examination

The formalities examination is aimed at identifying whether a set of documents complies with the FIIP requirements. The substantial examination is directed on checking whether the patentability criteria are complied with, and the issue of granting a patent is decided on.

5. Registration of an invention and obtaining of a patent

After the examination is complete, and provided the technical solution complies with the applicable requirements, a patent is granted therefor.

Main advantages in cooperating with our Bureau

- Patent Bureau "Galifanov, Malkov & Partners" provides services at all stages of patenting – from preparing documents of a patent application to the grant time.

- We shall prepare an application and attend to the patenting procedure, thus securing legal protection to an invention.

- Most out experts are certified patent attorneys in the field of invention patenting having the work experience more than 5 years.

The way we act
  • WE SHALL ACCEPT YOUR ORDER FOR PATENTING OF AN INVENTION An order in a form convenient to you from any region of the Russian Federation, the near abroad or the far abroad may be accepted.
  • WE SHALL EXECUTE AN APPLICATION We shall prepare the application documents and file the patent application with ROSPATENT.
  • WE CAUSE OBTAINING OF A PATENT FOR INVENTION A patent attorney will perform all operations necessary in respect of the application, and you will obtain a patent.