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Patenting in CIS

Apart from a patent under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), there exists the procedure of obtaining a Eurasian patent. 
This procedure has a lot of advantages. In order to obtain a patent for invention, only one Eurasian application indicating the countries where you would like to obtain a patent should be filed with the Eurasian Patent Office. After examination you will obtain a unitary Eurasian patent valid in the countries indicated by you.

Under this procedure the protection for an invention may be obtained in the following countries: Turkmenistan, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Tajikistan, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Armenia. 

It is important that the fees charged for all legally significant actions are REDUCED by 90% for applicants from the countries party to the Eurasian Patent Convention. Thus,
under this procedure of obtaining a patent expenses will be far lower that total costs of obtaining national patents in these countries.

Obtaining of a Eurasian patent:
- makes the procedure of obtaining a patent easier;
- only one application should be filed;
- saves money required for patenting significantly;
- an applicant obtains a unitary patent valid in all the countries;
- maintenance fees should be paid in respect of one patent only.

Another important feature of obtaining of a Eurasian patent is the fact that during the period from the publication date of a Eurasian patent to payment of the first annuity for maintenance of the patent the patent owner enjoys the exclusive right to his/her invention in all these countries.

Our Eurasian patent attorneys can prepare all application documents required and obtain a Eurasian patent for you.