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Making amendments in a contract

A registered patent is valid for a rather long term. For example, the term of a patent for invention is 20 years. The term of a patent for utility model and industrial design is smaller, but, nevertheless, a necessity of entering certain amendments into the registered data may arise in respect of any intellectual property object.

Amendments in a patent may relate to:

  • name of the right holder (name, family name, patronymic);
  • a change in the organizational and legal form, reorganization of the patent holder;
  • the registration address of the patent holder.

Any amendments relating to a valid patent are subject to the mandatory state registration. Rospatent enters corresponding amendments into the patent and the State Register upon request of the right holder.

The registration of amendments is important for further use of the intellectual property object in commercial activities. For example, if the right holder intends to have a license contract or a contract of alienation of a patent registered, he may be refused in a case where there are discrepancies between the data in the State Register and the data provided by him/her in the request or the contract.

Also, it is possible to make amendments in a patent application within the time period when it is considered by Rospatent in the examination stages. Since this procedure is rather long, the patent holder frequently needs to amend some indicated data.
In order to solve any of the above problems, you may apply to our Patent Bureau. Our skilled specialists will assist you in registering amendments to the data indicated in a patent application or in a valid patent correctly and within a reasonably short time.