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Maintenance of a patent

The most expected time in patenting of an invention, a utility model or an industrial design is the grant of a patent.

After obtaining it, many owners may overlook or simply forget that the patent law has one very serious peculiarity in respect of the patent term. For maintaining a patent, annual maintenance fees should be paid. If the time limit for payment of the fee is missed, the patent will expire, and all efforts spent for creating the technical solution will become vain, since the monopoly right of the patent owner will be lost.

In order to avoid this disagreeable situation and to secure a business built, on the whole, on a patent, we can recommend to conclude a contract on servicing the patent with us. You will not have to remember and follow the time limits for payment, calculate the fee on your own, since our experts will do this for you and prepare all cover letters required for maintenance of the patent.

You will be engaged only in commercial realization of your patent, and we shall assume all concerns about the patent.