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License contract

A license contract in respect of a patent may be concluded when the patent holder intends to provide a third party with the right to use his/her patent. A license may be granted for a definite term for a compensation. A license may be either non-exclusive, or exclusive.

A non-exclusive license means that the patent owner retains the right to conclude similar contracts with other users. An exclusive license deprives the patent owner of the possibility of granting licenses as well as, frequently, use his/her own patent for the whole term of the contract.

The transfer of the rights to a patent under a license contract is subject to mandatory registration with Rospatent.

In order to register a license for a patent, one should:

  • file an application for registration according to the prescribed form with Rospatent;
  • sign a license contract in three copies (one copy for each party and one copy for the archives of Rospatent);
  • pay the fee.

Registration period

The registration period of transfer of the patent owner's rights under a license contract takes, as a rule, 2 months from the filing date of the application. But, if Rospatent employees send requests for corrections and with due regard to the time required for preparing answers for them, the registration period may last up to 6 months.

Advantages of cooperating with our patent bureau

Skilled specialists of our Bureau are ready to assist you in preparing a draft license contract, reflect all important nuances in its conditions and provide full follow-up at all stages of the state registration of patent rights transfer.