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Changing information on patent holder

During the validity term of a patent certain circumstances may be changed which will require making amendments in the information on the right holder.

According to the law-makers, such circumstances include, in particular:

  • change of the holder of the right to an invention, utility model or industrial design, including such change for the reason of reorganization of the legal entity;
  • change of the name of the legal entity being the right holder or the name of the inventor; and
  • change of the physical address or the address for correspondence of the right holder.

Such amendments in a valid patent should be made according to certain rules and the strict procedure. Skillful legal assistance in complying with this procedure may be provided to you by experienced patent attorneys having special knowledge in this field and experience in successful cooperation with the Patent Office.

The following is required for registration of amendments in a patent:

  • a duly executed request to Rospatent;
  • payment of the state fee in the prescribed amount;
  • documents attesting amendments to be made (a protocol of the general meeting, an excerpt from the single state register of legal entities, the charter of the organization, etc.);
  • filing of the set of documents to the Patent Office and subsequent interaction with Rospatent, timely submission of replies to requests from examiners, etc.