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The registration of a patent in the territory of the Russian Federation will protect the owner of an invention, utility model or industrial design from encroachments on his/her rights.

By cooperating with Patent Bureau "Galifanov, Malkov & Partners", you will be able to avoid all troubles, since our patent services comprise:

  • consulting support – checking correctness of documents prepared for patenting;
  • determining an optimal sequence of actions – development of an individual plan for filing of the documents required, preparation of recommendations on carrying out some or other measures;
  • legal support – assistance in solving disputable situations associated with patenting.


Information on objects patentable in the Russian Federation and respective patent terms are given in the Table below: 

Patented object


Patent term, years


A technical solution in any field that relates to a product or a method, including use of a product or a method for certain purpose


Utility model

A technical solution relating to a device


Industrial design

A decision relating to industrial or handicraft article.



After the patent registration procedure is completed, the patent term should be monitored. When this term expires, the owner will lose its unique right of ownership; therefore, he should take care of its timely extension.

Who has the right to have a patent registered?

This right may be realized by any foreign and Russian commercial and industrial corporations as well as natural persons (including foreign citizens) . For these, the following classification of subjects is applied:

  • Inventor who has created an invention; mostly, it is a natural person
  • Applicant who files a patent application
  • Patent owner – who possesses exclusive rights.

Important:The above subjects not always may be one person. On practice, our experts have to settle legal issues between several persons even before registration of a patent.

Patenting stages

1)Patent search

It helps to identify closest analogous solutions and a prototype, which should be indicated in the registration procedure according to Rospatent rules. Duration – about 2 weeks

2)Preparation of a request

Distinguishing features of the object to be patented are described, and a patent application is executed. Duration – about 2 weeks

3)Filing the request with ROSPATENT

4)Formalities examination

ROSPATENT checks a set of documents as filed. Duration – about 2 months

5)Substantial examination

If Stage 4 is a success, the applicant may file a request for substantial examination within three years. Duration – about 13 months.

After these stages are completed, a patent is granted (within three months).

In some cases, the obtained patent is considered as a commercial product. Apart from having his/her rights protected, the owner of the intellectual property may dispose of it at his/her own discretion, but without departing from the legal norms. Additional patent service include legal follow-up of the following actions:

  • alienation of exclusive right – possibility of selling, giving as a gift, or exchanging exclusive rights;
  • transfer for temporary use of the patent for a definite term and in a territory to be agreed upon, i.e., grant of a license.

Important: A patent is valid only in the territory of the country where it has been granted.

In order to evaluate a full cost of a patent service, it is necessary to know the patented object. The price formation specificity is the absence of a schedule of tariffs as such – everything depends on unique properties of an invention or a utility model. Moreover, first it should be known for sure whether the object is patentable, i.e., whether its properties and characteristics are suitable for it.