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Representation in courts

Exclusive rights to intellectual property are often infringed by unfair competitors, and the right holder should be ready to defend his/her legitimate rights and interests.

The right holder is provided with a wide list of possible ways of defending his/her rights, including judicial one.
The judicial way of defending somebody's infringed rights is most efficient, since the judicial authorities are independent, and a court decision is mandatory for complying with by all persons.

Disputes in courts in respect of intellectual property can arise for the following reasons:
- infringement of exclusive rights;
- refusal of the registration authority to register or grant a patent;
- registration of a trademark confusingly similar to already existing one, grant of a patent in violation of statutory requirements;
- disputes relating to fulfillment of contracts of alienation of exclusive rights and license contracts. 

Lawyers of our Bureau specialize in cases of the following categories: 

- disputes relating to trademarks;
- disputes relating to patents (for inventions, utility models, industrial designs);

- protection of copyright;
- protection of neighboring rights;
- protection of trade names;
- protection of commercial signs;

- challenging any Rospatent's decisions in courts;
- challenging decisions of State authorities (the Anti-Monopoly Service, the Customs Service, the Police;
- cancellation of trademarks due to failure to use them;

- prohibition to use intellectual property;
- protection of exclusive rights in Internet, disputes over domains;
- challenging deals on exclusive right subject matter (contracts of exclusive right alienation, license contracts);
- challenging awards of arbitration courts.

The Russian law-makers protect property interests of exclusive right holders.

Thus, for example, trademark right holders are given the right to demand, at their own discretion, that an infringer should pay a compensation instead of reimbursement of damages:
1) in an amount from ten thousand rubles to five million rubles;
2) in an amount equal to twofold cost of goods illegally bearing the infringed trademark, or twofold cost of the right to use the trademark.

One should not be afraid to apply to a court for having his/her interests protected, one' own interests and legal rights should be protected and defended in full. But one should bear in mind that any work is best done by professionals, and outcome of your case in a court directly depends on professionalism and competency of your representative.

We are ready to offer all our experiences and knowledge in the field of intellectual property protection to our clients for the purpose of achieving a necessary result. 

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    WE SHALL REPRESENT YOUR INTERESTS IN COURT An official of our Bureau will represent your interests in court, and you will avoid spending your time, nerves and money for attendance of court hearings.

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