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Registration of a website as mass media

When registered as a mass media, a web-site acquires a certain status, and any information posted thereon is regulated by the law "ON MASS MEDIA".

The owner of an Internet resource determines the reasonability and necessity of such registration on his/her own; it depends, as a rule, on the profile and orientation of the web-site and on the purposes for which it is created.


  • Representatives of a mass medium are entitled to send editorial requests to state bodies and officials, and information in reply to such a request should be provided within 7 days. This is important for operatively loading actual content onto the web-site.
  • Materials and articles, as contained on a registered web-site, enjoy the copyright protection, an infringer may be held liable for their unauthorized copying;
  • The name of a registered web-site is also protected under the copyright law;
  • A web-site, if it is registered as a mass medium, is entitled to keep a source of information provided to it secret, except for a case where a disclosure of such a source is required by a court;
  • The web-site owner may not be held liable for unauthenticity of information contained in comments, if his/her resource is not pre-moderated.


An Internet resource is registered by Roscomnadzor; and, actually, the registration procedure is not  so complex and long as many web-site owners think.

In order to have a web-site registered as a mass medium, the owner should perform the following actions:

  • to prepare an application for registration according to the established form, indicating all the details required;
  • to pay the fee and submit a document proving such payment;
  • to submit a document (or its notarized copy) proving the right to the corresponding domain name;
  • after the registration procedure is completed, to submit the mass medium charter to the registration agency (Roscomnadzor) within 3 months.

Our Patent Bureau is ready to provide the full follow-up of the procedure of registration of an Internet resource as a mass medium.