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Deals on intellectual property disposal

Disposal of intellectual property presupposes complete or partial transfer of exclusive rights to a patent or a trademark to third parties. Such transactions are subject to the obligatory state registration with Rospatent.

the following commercial transactions on disposal of an intellectual property object are most common:

  • Alienation of exclusive right to an intellectual property object;
  • Grant of an exclusive license or a simple non-exclusive license;
  • Franchising (commercial concession);
  • Pledge of an intellectual property object as a collateral for another transaction;
  • Alienation of the author's rights to a work;
  • Author's order.

corporate transactions on disposal of intellectual property

Apart from commercial transactions arising in the process of conducting usual business by the right holder, corporate transactions on disposal of intellectual property also exist that arise, for example, when a legal entity is reorganized or companies are merged or consolidated. In these circumstances, exclusive rights to intellectual property are transferred according to the universal succession in title procedure to other legal entities.

legal follow-up of transactions in the field of intellectual property

Since any commercial or corporate transaction on disposal of intellectual property is a long and complex procedure requiring special knowledge in the patent law and experience in interacting with the registering body, we recommend that you should refer it to experts and obtain their skilled assistance.

Patent attorneys and layers of our Bureau are ready to provide necessary assistance in a transaction on disposal of rights to intellectual property and prepare a set of documents required for its registration with Rospatent.