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Recognition of copyright

Rights of authorship do not require the mandatory state registration and arise in the time when an author creates a work; they are inalienable, and it means that one's personal non-property right of authorship may not be transferred to third parties either for compensation or free.

But each author has the risk of illegal use of an object of his/her creative activity by a third party. In such a controversial situation it is recommended that the author should claim protection of the right of authorship in a court.

Procedure of recognizing rights of authorship in court

  • Since, according to the Russian legislation, the author of a work always is a natural person, recognition of the right of authorship should be claimed in a court of general jurisdiction.
  • A statement of claim should be accompanied with evidence of authorship on material carriers, such evidence being sketches, drafts, preliminary versions, parts of the work, etc.
  • If a work has been deposited, it is important to submit the certificate of deposition with the Russian Authors' Society as an evidence.
  • In a case the court recognizes the plaintiff's right of authorship in respect of a disputable work, the author may also claim that a compensation for illegal use of the work should be recovered from the defender. The legislation provides for a compensation in an amount from 10,000 to 5,000,000 rubles.

Specialists of our patent bureau are ready to:

  • provide a detailed and affordable consultation on the issue of protecting your right of authorship,
  • develop a legal position and form an evidence base for recognition of the right of authorship to a work in court;
  • represent your interests in a court of general jurisdiction, appeal against a court decision in higher instances, if necessary.

We can provide skilled legal support at reasonable prices, since the moderate pricing policy of our Bureau is oriented toward long-term cooperation with authors and right holders.