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Protection of your domain name

Alongside with the development of information technologies, the protection of domain names becomes more and more actual. Many goods are sold not only offline, but also in online stores. Moreover, it is hard to imagine even a small company in the modern world, irrespective of a kind of its activities, that does not have its own website.

Preventive protection

Patent attorneys recommend a preventive protective measure – registration of a domain name. If you are planning to register a trademark to be used for goods or services represented or sold on an Internet resource, it is preferable to register such a domain prior to registration of a trademark, or both these procedures may be carried out simultaneously. This will protect you against illegal actions of persons unfairly registering domain names that are confusingly similar to popular trademarks.

Judicial protection

As any intellectual property object protected by the patent law, a domain name may be protected by the right holder judicially. If you receive a claim from another person concerning illegal use of a domain similar to his/her means of individualization, it will be necessary to prove in a court that:

  • your domain is registered before the time when the plaintiff has filed an application for registration of his/her trademark;
  • your domain is not confusingly similar to the plaintiff's trademark.

Such situation may be made clear and an evidence base may be formed on the basis of examination carried out by a skilled practitioner.

It is to be noted that the legal protection can be granted not only in a case of unfair registration of a domain name, but also in reverse circumstances, i.e. when an infringer has registered a trademark similar to a well-known and popular domain. These situations are common in the law-enforcement practice, but they are already regulated in law.

Our Patent Bureau is ready to offer a complete spectrum of services to you in order to have your domain name protected and registered with Rospatent either separately, or together with a trademark.