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Deposition of works

Right of authorship to a work belongs to its author from the time of creation, the author's personal non-property right is inalienable, i.e., it may not be transferred under a contract of alienation, a license or a contract of commercial concession; the state registration of it is not required.
However, the Russian legislation includes the institute of work deposition. What is it? Let's have a deeper look at it.

Notion of deposition of works

The deposition of a work is a method of confirming authorship and consists in official assignment of rights to unpublished works of literature, science or art to the persons who have created them.

The fact of deposition enables to prove that an unpublished work of a respective author exists and belongs to this person in the time of official assignment of the right.

If deposited, a work is taken for responsible storage in the Russian Authors' Society.

In order to have a work deposited, one should:

  • prepare an application for deposition according to the prescribed form,
  • sign a contract in two copies (one for each party) with the Russian Authors' Society,
  • submit a copy of the work on a material carrier and a synopsis thereof.

After the established procedure has been passed, the author is granted a certificate proving recognition of his/her right and deposition. In a case of a disputable situation or infringement of the right of authorship the certificate of deposition will serve as an evidence of the fact that the unpublished work exists, the date of its creation and the right of authorship to it.

the following objects may be deposited:

  • musical works,
  • literature texts,
  • works of sculpture (three-dimensional) and art (visual).

Ideas, discoveries, organizational and technical solutions, programming languages may not be deposited as objects of the right of authorship.
Our Bureau can offer skilled services in following up the procedure of depositing authors' works, obtaining a certificate issued by the Russian Authors' Society and representing your interests in cases relating to the protection of rights of authorship.