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Defense in the Arbitration Court

Exclusive rights to intellectual property objects are often infringed by unfair competitors, and a right holder should be ready to defend his/her legal rights and interests.

A wide list of methods of defence is available for the right holder, including the judicial procedure.
The judicial method of defending the infringed rights is the most effective one, since the judicial authority is independent, and a court decision is binding upon any person.

A litigation over an intellectual property object may arise for the following reasons:
- infringement of exclusive rights;
- refusal of the registering authority to register or grant a patent;
- registration of a trademark confusingly similar to an already existing one, grant of a patent in violation of the legal requirements;
- a dispute relating to execution of a contract of alienation of exclusive rights or a license contract. 

Lawyers of our Bureau specialize in the following categories of cases: 

- disputes relating to trademarks;
- disputes relating to patents (for inventions, utility models, industrial designs);

- protection of copyright;
- protection of neighboring rights;
- protection of trade names;
- protection of commercial signs;

- challenge of any Rospatent's decisions;
- challenge of decisions taken by state authorities (the antimonopoly service, the customs service, the police);
- cancellation of trademarks due to non-use;

- prohibition to use an intellectual property object;
- protection of exclusive rights in the Internet, domain disputes;
- challenge of transactions relating to exclusive rights (contracts of alienation of an exclusive right, license contracts);
- challenge of decisions taken by arbitration tribunals.

A result of a litigation frequently depends on a legal representative of a right holder. However, even if a lawyer is employed by your company, he/she may not guarantee success in a court proceedings without due experience of acting in a court. Therefore, in order to avoid many risks and moral or material losses, it would be better to entrust protection of intellectual property to lawyers specializing in protection of rights to intellectual property in courts.

Advantages of cooperating with us

  • Employees of Patent Bureau "Galifanov, Malkov & Partners" are experts in the field of intellectual property protection in courts with legal experiences of more than 10 years.
  • The staff of our Patent Bureau includes lawyers whose professional activities are directed at finding solutions in a certain field; thus, you may be sure that the approach to your case will be complex and deep.
  • We specialize in resolving any disputes over intellectual property and provide a full range of services relating to protection of intellectual property rights in courts.

We can guarantee that your rights and interests will be protected!