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Contracts on utility models

The owner of a patent for a utility model has the statutory powers to dispose of his/her exclusive right to the utility model, including its alienation for the benefit of another person under a contract of exclusive right alienation or grant the right to use to another person under a license contract.

While concluding these contracts, one should bear in mind that:
1. the contract should be concluded in writing;
2. the contract should be registered under the statutory procedure with ROSPATENT.

While buying a patent or a license for an industrial property, similarly to that for any intellectual property, it will be useful to take care and have it checked. It is recommended that the patent should be checked for its presence in the State Register and validity, as well as the information on the patent owner should be checked for compliance with the data available in the State Register.

By applying to our Bureau, you will avoid these problems, since our officials will perform all the procedures necessary for checking or preparing documents.

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The way we act:

  • 1

    PREPARATION OF DOCUMENTS FOR REGISTRATION We shall prepare a contract of alienation of a patent for utility model or a license contract and a request for registration of the contract. In a case you have already concluded a contract, we shall check whether it complies with the legislation requirements.

  • 2

    WE SHALL ACCEPT YOUR ORDER ON REGISTRATION OF A CONTRACT FOR UTILITY MODEL Orders in a form convenient to you from any region of the Russian Federation, the near abroad or the far abroad may be accepted.

  • 3

    REGISTRATION OF CONTRACT We shall submit your contract for registration with ROSPATENT. The registration period is 2 months.

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