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Contracts for trademarks

The holder of the right to a trademark may dispose of his/her exclusive right to the trademark at his/her own discretion, namely:
- to sell the trademark (alienate the trademark),
- to grant the right to use the trademark to third parties (grant a license to the trademark),
- to pledge the trademark.

According to the existing legislation, the following types of contracts exist that may serve for formalizing the above powers of the right holder:
1. Contract of alienation of exclusive right to a trademark. Sale of a trademark to another legal entity.
2. License contract. Provision of right to use a trademark. 
3. Contract of commercial concession. Provision of right to use a trademark in combination with rights to other intellectual property. 
4. Contract of pledge

Each of these types of contracts is subject to be registered with the Federal Authority for Intellectual Property - ROSPATENT. If this requirement is not complied with, a contract is deemed terminated.

Experts of our Bureau will select a correct variant of disposal of your exclusive right to a trademark and assist in executing and a corresponding contract and having it registered.

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The way we act:

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    WE SHALL ACCEPT YOUR ORDER ON REGISTRATION OF A CONTRACT Orders in a form convenient to you from any region of the Russian Federation, the near abroad or the far abroad may be accepted.

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    WE SHALL CHECK YOUR CONTRACT FOR COMPLIANCE WITH THE STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS, OR PROPOSE OUR MODEL CONTRACT If our client so wishes, an individual contract may be prepared that will reflect the relations between the parties in full.

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    WE SHALL HAVE YOUR CONTRACT REGISTERED We shall prepare a set of documents required for registration of your contract and submit it for registration to the Patent Office (ROSPATENT).

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