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Contracts for inventions

One of the activity areas of Patent Bureau "Galifanov, Malkov & Partners" is registration and follow-up of contracts for inventions.

Profits may be derived from a patent in a variety of ways. 

In particular, the patent owner may arrange production and use his/her monopoly right to respective products. The patent enables to prohibit production of respective products by third parties without due permission. 
This way of deriving profits is a rather long one and requires appreciable investments into the production process and marketing of products.

The second way consists in selling the patent (alienating the exclusive right to the invention). According to the structure of the contract of exclusive right alienation, one party, namely the right holder, transfers or undertakes to transfer his/her exclusive right to an invention to the other party, namely the beneficiary, in full. In this way, the patent owner avoids long and complicated production processes and receives a material compensation for a patented invention.

The third way is to grant a license (permission) to use an invention. The patent owner receives income for the whole period of license validity. An amount of license fees may be established in the contract as a fixed sum or as a ratio to a volume of goods produced, as well as may consist of two portions: the first is a fixed fee, and the second is a variable portion depending on a volume of production output. 

The existing legislation of the Russian Federation provides for two principal requirements to such contracts:
1. the contract should be concluded in writing;
2. the contract is subject to compulsory registration in the Patent Office - ROSPATENT.

You may choose a most convenient way of deriving profits from your patent at your own discretion, and we shall duly execute it.

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The way we act:

  • 1

    WE SHALL ACCEPT YOUR ORDER Orders in a form convenient to you from any region of the Russian Federation, the near abroad or the far abroad may be accepted.

  • 2

    PREPARATION OF CONTRACT We shall prepare a contract for alienation of a patent for invention or for grant of a license. In a case you have already concluded a contract, we shall check whether it complies with the legislation requirements.

  • 3

    PREPARATION OF CONTRACT We shall submit your contract for registration with ROSPATENT. The registration procedure will be completed in two months.

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