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Participation in investigation and search actions and raids

In a case where a counterfeit product is sold that infringes your rights as a trademark owner, one of the means of protection is initiation of and participation in police raids.

In order to initiate a raid, it is necessary to submit to a police agency a statement of the fact of detecting a counterfeit product, and officers of law-enforcement agencies will perform inspections in all possible outlets within the framework of investigation activities.
Anti-counterfeiting raids may be also conducted with the active assistance from customs authorities.
Trademark owners, whose exclusive rights have been infringed, or their representatives  acting by proxy may participate in such raids for the purpose of having their rights and interests protected.

A raid results in:

  • seizing counterfeit goods and sending them to examination;
  • if formal elements of infringement are established, the infringer is held liable.

Active assistance of right holders to law-enforcement and customs authorities in anti-counterfeiting activities can significantly simplify and accelerate the procedure of suppressing illegal activities.

Upon establishment of a fact of an infringement in the result of a raid, the trademark owner or the author of a work, whose rights are infringed, may file a civil law claim with a respective court for the purpose of recovering a monetary compensation from the infringer.

Specialists of our Patent Bureau can provide skilled support to you in the process of cooperating with the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Customs Service, represent your interests by participating in anti-counterfeiting raids, assist you in preparing correct documents required for the protection of your exclusive rights to intellectual property.