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Monitoring of trademarks

Trademark monitoring in the internet

Illegal use of trademarks is a common fact. Galifanov, Malkov & Partners, LLC can perform monitoring of a trademark on exceptionally beneficial conditions.

Monitoring of trademark use

This procedure means that a search is conducted for establishing cases of using identical and confusingly similar trademarks or selling counterfeit goods. Sly businessmen very frequently make use of a successful trademark and sell their products or services under someone else's brand, thus causing irreparable harm to the true right holder.

We can help you. We have experiences and knowledge. All you need is to complete an application form, and our expert will contact you immediately for discussing an individual plan of searching for actual use of identical or confusingly similar trademarks.



description of the service and the list of documents required

The employees of our Patent Bureau have the required skills in the field of protection of the client's rights and intellectual property. The service of monitoring trademark use comprises:

  • a check whether the respective trademark is used on packages, tags or labels of manufactured articles and foodstuffs that are either on sale or in transit;
  • use on contracts and other documents meant for transfer of goods to a seller;
  • use in advertising campaigns, in notices on sale of goods, and on signboards;
  • use as a domain name or in other variants of addressing in the Internet.


A trademark should be valid in the territory of the Russian Federation, so any checks will be conducted within Russia. In order to conclude a service contract on monitoring of illegal use of a trademark the following documents are required:

  • a certificate confirming the registration of the trademark;
  • for a natural person (the owner of a trademark) - the passport or another document proving his/her identity;
  • for a representative (agent) – a proxy that is notarized or attested by the seal of the legal entity being the trademark owner.


A contract will be preliminarily discussed and signed in the Bureau's office, and the contracting parties should be present in person.

benefits of cooperating with galifanov, malkov & partners llc

Cooperation with out Bureau will provide a number of unquestionable benefits to clients:

  • moderate cost of the services alongside with their high quality;
  • efficiency;
  • possibility of engaging highly qualified experts in complicate cases.
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