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Appeal to administrative bodies

what does counterfeiting  mean?

If you are the owner of a trademark or a patent holder or the author of a work, you should be ready for infringement of your exclusive rights to intellectual property or a trademark by third parties.

Any product infringing the rights to intellectual property is considered as counterfeit. Illegal encroachments by third parties are most often directed at:

  • Trademarks;
  • Patents for inventions and industrial designs;
  • Copyrighted objects.

How your rights may be protected against counterfeiting?

Any person who makes use of someone's intellectual property illegally may be held liable under norms of the civil, administrative and criminal law.

The administrative procedure of protecting exclusive rights against counterfeiting consists in using the administrative penalty measures in the form of a fine and seizure of counterfeit products.

The authorities empowered to hold persons disseminating counterfeit products liable under the administrative law include the Antimonopoly Service, the Customs Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Rospotrebnadzor.

Administrative LIABILITY is applicable to the following infringements of EXCLUSIVE rights:

  • Illegal use of somebody else's author's work;
  • Infringement of inventor's and patent rights;
  • Illegal use of a trademark.

Specialists of our Patent Bureau can render skilled assistance to you in:

  • preparing a request to the Federal Antimonopoly Service concerning a fact of detecting counterfeit products infringing your exclusive rights;
  • cooperating with the state authorities for holding infringers liable for unfair competition;
  • representing your interests in the Federal Antimonopoly Service and other administrative authorities.