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How can counterfeit products be opposed? 

In order to protect their legitimate interests while doing business in Russia, companies use a rather popular and efficient tool – the Customs Register of Intellectual Property. By having his/her trademark entered into the Register a right holder puts an end to imports of counterfeit products and "gray" goods initially meant for sale in other countries to the territory of Russia.

This method works only in respect of companies complying with the customs legislation, i.e., companies declaring imported goods in full and truly.

However, this method is not efficient in respect of persons using "gray" schemes of goods imports, since goods simply either are not indicated in a state customs declaration, or are replaced by another commodity.

Such actions are illegal since they violate both the customs legislation and the criminal legislation.

Our Patent Bureau is ready to offer complex solutions for protecting your business from counterfeiting.

Counterfeiting activities are frequently opposed through:

1)      judicial protection;

2)      administrative protection (filing statements to the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the Federal Customs Service, police authorities).

What can we offer? 

In each individual case an analysis of the actual situation is required. Judging by results of such an analysis we can offer a complex measures for opposing activities of companies importing products bearing your trademark through "gray" schemes to the RF territory.

In cooperation with our Bureau you can protect your business against damages caused by counterfeit products.

For this, you can simply complete an application, as provided below, and we assume all remaining work!