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19 Leninskaya sloboda str.,

Moscow, 115280, Russia

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Ruslan Galifanov
Ruslan Galifanov Managing Partner, Specialist in the field of internet-rights.

Mr. Galifanov has higher legal education, graduated from Russian State Academy of Intellectual property, specialization- jurisprudence. He is a specialist in the field of information technologies on protection of the rights on intellectual property. Mr. Galifanov has a number of professional publications in Russian specialized magazines and journals that cover some issues relevant to protection of intellectual property (Patents and Licenses, 2005, 2015., Intellectual Property. Industrial Property, 2009)

Ruslan Malkov
Ruslan Malkov CEO, Patent Attorney of Russian Federation, Managing Partner

Mr. Malkov has higher legal education with specialization in intellectual property legal protection. He has graduated from Russian State Academy of Intellectual property. He is a trademark specialist and concentrates on judicial rights protection on the objects of intellectual property. His experience in the field of Intellectual property protection compromises over 12 years.

Eziz Igdyrov
Eziz Igdyrov Head of office in the US
Dmitry Gozyumov
Dmitry Gozyumov
Anfisa Ignatenko
Anfisa Ignatenko

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