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Galifanov, Malkov & Partners

Patent bureau
of legal protection
of intellectual property
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Featured patent services
Registration trademark

Registration and examination of trademarks in Russia & CIS

Pretection software

We can ensure the protection of computer programs, including source codes and interfaces, and assist in patenting a solution in the field of IT-technologies  

Patenting of inventions

We can ensure the legal protection for an invention in the territory of Russia and CIS countries, including a Eurasian patent

Legal support

Following up business of foreign companies. We can follow up business activities, protect commercial secrets and non-tangible assets

Patenting of industrial design

Patent for an industrial design. We can draw up a patent application in compliance with the state requirements applicable in Russia and CIS countries


Anti-counterfeiting activities. We can participate in investigation and search activities, anti-counterfeiting activities in the Internet

About patent office

Nowadays, intellectual property is gaining significant importance and value in the modern world of high technologies. Trademarks, inventions, utility models, industrial designs, know-how, copyrights are not only the indicators of high quality goods produced by company, but as well an effective tool that directs the country towards innovation and progress. 

Our clients
Govorov A.S.Poisk-IT

The Scientific and Technical Center "Poisk-IT" (Closed Joint-Stock Company) would like to express our sincere gratitude for your kind assistance in effecting the registration of computer programs. For the time we cooperate with Galifanov, Malkov & Partners, LLC more than twenty of computer programs developed by us have been registered. Thanks to employees of Galifanov, Malkov & Partners, LLC all the programs are registered in the time periods agreed. If our partners seek services of a patent bureau, we'll be glad to recommend Patent Bureau "Galifanov, Malkov & Partners" to them.

Voronin A.V.PetSU

The Petrozavodsk State University would like to express our sincere gratitude to Galifanov, Malkov & Partners, LLC for the participation in a round-table meeting devoted to issues of developing patenting both in the Russian Federation and in foreign countries, which was organized jointly by the Ministry for Economic Development and industry of the Republic of Karelia, the Petrozavodsk State University and Kalelskaya Engineering Company, LLC within the framework of the existing state program "Economic Development and Innovation Economy of the Republic of Karelia".

Urin V.M.Tortiana LLC

Tortiana Group of Companies, which is a leader in the field of manufacturing cakes and pastry in the Central Black-Earth Region, would like to express lots of thanks to the employees of Patent Bureau "Galifanov, Malkov & Partners" for development and registration of trademarks for us. Our Group is continuously expanding the range of goods manufactured, and our reliable partner has always managed to devise new and original signs and register them as trademarks in time. We appreciate your professionalism and care. Due to cooperation with you, we feel ourselves secure of our intellectual property.

Козин Ю.Ю.ООО «Воколайз»

Vocolize, LLC would like to express herewith our gratitude to Galifanov, Malkov & Partners, LLC for providing consulting services in the field of intellectual property. Two computer programs are registered in the name of Vocolize, LLC with kind assistance of specialists employed by this Patent Bureau. We are pleased to cooperate with the team of professionals, since they may be entrusted with most extraordinary and complex tasks. We wish development and prosperity to all the employees of the Patent Bureau.

Mordalimov N.S. CJSC "R&A Partner Consalting"

Our company independently filed several trademark applications, but, very regretfully, received refusals in respect of all of them. In order to resolve this issue we applied to professionals – Galifanov, Malkov & Partners, LLC. Patent attorneys of this company managed to register the trademarks in respect of which we received refusals earlier. We would like to make special mention of their professional approach to work and high-quality services provided to us. We wish further development and success in work to your company.

Agafonov S.U.Network of Hot Tourist Voucher Shops LLC

Galifanov, Malkov & Partners, LLC is our constant partner. One direction of activity of Network of Hot Tourist Voucher Shops, LLC is franchising, and this means that we have to register license contracts with Rospatent regularly. Specialists of Patent Bureau "Galifanov, Malkov & Partners" help us cope with this rather complex task. During the period of our cooperation we have faced complex situations more than once, and in each case lawyers of the Patent Bureau, owing to their professionalism, managed to resolve them. We wish prosperity to Galifanov, Malkov & Partners, LLC and look forward to our fruitful cooperation.

Federal Russian patent bureau

Federal Russian patent burea "Galifanov, Malkov & partners" – the guarantor of any legal protection of intellectual property


Knowledge and Experience
Our Bureau specializes in entire provision of services in regards to registration of trademarks and receipt of patents on objects of Industrial Property. Company’s experts experience compromises 10 years. Most of the specialists of our establishment are certified patent and trademark attorneys.

The Patent Bureau “Galifanov, Malkov and Partners” is the only patent bureau – the author of professional book. In practical publication of “Protectability of trademarks” the practice and theory got systemized, the secrets of the means of individualization and all complicities of registration procedure got scrutinized and discovered. Furthermore, we are regular publishing the scientific-practical articles in professional magazines. The last one was issued in “Patent and Licenses” issue No.6, which discovers the possibilities of registration of symbols and terms as trademarks.

1.Provide you with exclusive rights on the object of intellectual property.
2.Build up a strategy for effective protection of invention from illegal infringements.
3.Assist you with productive support on all stages of the object’s registration, including services related to prior judicial and judicial protection.


The Patent Bureau “Galifanov, Malkov and Partners” LLC.- the structure that provides wide range consultations on the objects of copyrights and neighbouring rights in Russian Federation. Our company will save your time, money and make you free from all your hardships and worries related to intellectual property.

We protect professionally and effectively such objects of intellectual property, as:

  • - Trademarks;
  • - Service marks;
  • - Industrial Designs;
  • - Utility models;
  • - Inventions.


Registration of trademark
This IP procedure will protect your trademark from illegal encroachments of third parties. Our Bureau provides services not only in Moscow, but all over the country.


  • 1. Search of trademarks in database;
  • 2. Provision of experts opinion on probability of trademark registration;
  • 3. Attainment of trademark application and filing of documents to Rospatent;
  • 4. Full supervision and control over the process;
  • 5. Receipt of Certificate of Registration on the trademark.

Federal registration is hold by PTO within 12-18 months. The validity period for trademark is 10 years (could be periodically extended for each additional 10 years).

The procedure of patenting certifies exclusive rights and copyrights on invention, utility model and also on industrial design.

Stages of IP procedure:

  • 1. Attainment of application;
  • 2. Payment of official fees;
  • 3. Application filing to Rospatent;
  • 4. Expertise;
  • 5. Receipt of Patent.

Patent is given for the period of 20 years for invention, for the period of 10 years for utility model and 15 years for industrial design.

We provide wide range consultations covering the problems with infringements of copyrights, and provide judicial protection related to patent and copy rights. We developed the set of services on protection of intellectual property in all cities of Russian Federation.

If you have got questions, kindly ask you to fill in a form on our official website or you can call us straight away on following number: +7(495)151-82-82.