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Patent Bureau
«Galifanov, Malkov
& Partners»

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Federal Russian patent bureau

Federal Russian patent burea "Galifanov, Malkov & partners" – the guarantor of any legal protection of intellectual property


Knowledge and Experience
Our Bureau specializes in entire provision of services in regards to registration of trademarks and receipt of patents on objects of Industrial Property. Company’s experts experience compromises 10 years. Most of the specialists of our establishment are certified patent and trademark attorneys.  

The Patent Bureau “Galifanov, Malkov and Partners” is the only patent bureau – the author of professional book. In practical publication of “Protectability of trademarks” the practice and theory got systemized, the secrets of the means of individualization and all complicities of registration procedure got scrutinized and discovered. Furthermore, we are regular publishing the scientific-practical articles in professional magazines. The last one was issued in “Patent and Licenses” issue No.6, which discovers the possibilities of registration of symbols and terms as trademarks.

1.Provide you with exclusive rights on the object of intellectual property
2.Build up a strategy for effective protection of invention from illegal infringements.
3.Assist you with productive support on all stages of the object’s registration, including services related to prior judicial and judicial protection.


The Patent Bureau “Galifanov, Malkov and Partners” LLC.- the structure that provides wide range consultations on the objects of copyrights and neighbouring rights in Russian Federation. Our company will save your time, money and make you free from all your hardships and worries related to intellectual property.

We protect professionally and effectively such objects of intellectual property, as:


Registration of trademark
This IP procedure will protect your trademark from illegal encroachments of third parties. Our Bureau provides services not only in Moscow, but all over the country. 


Federal registration is hold by PTO within 12-18 months. The validity period for trademark is 10 years (could be periodically extended for each additional 10 years)

The procedure of patenting certifies exclusive rights and copyrights on invention, utility model and also on industrial design.

Stages of IP procedure:


Patent is given for the period of 20 years for invention, for the period of 10 years for utility model and 15 years for industrial design.

We provide wide range consultations covering the problems with infringements of copyrights, and provide judicial protection related to patent and copy rights. We developed the set of services on protection of intellectual property in all cities of Russian Federation.

If you have got questions, kindly ask you to fill in a form on our official website or you can call us straight away on following number: +7(495)151-82-82

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Orphey LLC

We would like to express our greatest thanks to your Bureau for kind assistance in extending the term of our trademark! The company we referred to earlier only frightened us with loss of exclusive rights and required payments. Galifanov, Malkov & Partners have tackled the matter carefully at all stages – assisted in executing a request, preparing documents, filing an application. A week ago we received a supplement to the certificate and notification about its entering into the State Register. Thank you for professional competence!

MDMprint LLC

"Great thanks to lawyers of Galifanov, Malkov & Partners LLC for their assistance in having a word trademark registered. We were most pleased with being kept informed – from the procedure of protectability assessment and to maintaining correspondence with Rospatent. It is nice when attention is paid at all steps of the procedure." 

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